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SAS Help CenterTRIM Function.

If the value that is trimmed is shorter than the length of the receiving variable, SAS pads the value with new trailing blanks. Note: The STRIP function is useful for concatenation because the concatenation operator does not remove leading or trailing blanks. That is because SAS ignores any trailing blanks by comparison. And that is because SAS will append trailing blanks when ever you string to an variable that is shorter than that variable. However you said the other one is "Masters Degree" and thats different from "Master Degree".

TRIM copies a character argument, removes trailing blanks, and returns the trimmed argument as a result. If the argument is blank, TRIM returns one blank. TRIM is useful for concatenating because concatenation does not remove trailing blanks. If you create a macro variable with a %let-statement, you never get leading or trailing blanks. It only happens if you create the macro variable in a data step or proc sql. Note that you get leading blanks if the origin is a numeric variable and trailing blanks if it is a character variable. Retaining leading and trailing blanks/ CAT functio. Retaining leading and trailing. You then could also explain that you can't explicitely store multiple blanks in a SAS character variable and that when concatenating character variables SAS. Retaining leading and trailing blanks/ CAT function not working? Options. Mark as New. When creating a char variable in which stored string’s length is shorter than the variable’s specified length, SAS automatically pads the string with trailing blanks. By the same logic, SAS ignores trailing blanks but not to leading blanks with regard to the VALUE in a character variable.

Dealing with Blanks: Leading, Trailing, In-Between Virginia Chen, ERS Group, Washington DC ABSTRACT Dealing with blanks sometimes can be a headache. Very often, the data you receive might contain unwanted spaces, and you want to remove them to make your data clean. Fortunately SAS provides a variety of useful. Learn how to remove leading and trailing spaces from string in SAS. Home. Remove Leading and Trailing Spaces from Text. Take our Practical SAS Training Course for Beginners and learn how to code your first SAS program! Start learning now.

Learn how to remove trailing spaces from string in SAS. Home. The TRIM function is used to remove trailing spaces from character values. The blank spaces come from the trailing spaces from the VAR1 variable. You can use the TRIM function to remove them: Example. SAS & Statistics Wednesday, June 16, 2010. Handling leading, trailing blanks in macro variable If a macro variable contains leading or trailing blanks, they can be easily removed without the use of %LEFT or %TRIM. Simply: %let macvar = &macvar. The TRANWRD function does not remove trailing blanks in the target string or the replacement string. Comparisons. Because the search fails, this line is written to the SAS log: CATFISH. You can use the TRIM function to exclude trailing blanks from a target or replacement variable. Use the. Assigning the results of STRIP to a variable does not affect the length of the receiving variable. If the value that is trimmed is shorter than the length of the receiving variable, SAS pads the value with new trailing blanks.

remove trailing blank for %let macro variable - SAS.

17/04/2008 · I need to add trailing blanks so that the variable is always 56 bytes long. '0D'x is the Hex code for a Carriage Return, the x after the quotes tells SAS that what is in the quotes is a Hex character. 0A is the line feed character. I hope that this helps. Chris. For more information, see Chapter 9 in SAS Macro Language: Reference. Details: The TRIM macro and the QTRIM macro both trim trailing blanks. If the argument might contain a special character or mnemonic operator, listed below, use %QTRIM. TRIM is useful for concatenating because concatenation does not remove trailing blanks. Assigning the results of TRIM to a variable does not affect the length of the receiving variable. If the trimmed value is shorter than the length of the receiving variable, SAS pads the value with new blanks. If you need to view the spaces in the strings, use the ODS LISTING destination, which uses a fixed-width font that preserves spaces. Alternatively, the following SAS/IML function prints each character not including trailing blanks.

If value is numeric, SAS converts the value to a character string using the BEST. format and does not issue a note to the SAS log. Leading and trailing blanks are removed, and the resulting character string is assigned to the macro variable. Concatenation Functions In SAS: CAT. but we would discuss on some concatenation functions in SAS which are CAT, CATT, CATQ, CATS and CATX. All the Concatenation functions takes two or more arguments and concatenate the strings or variables. For all concatenation functions if applies removes the leading or trailing blanks from resultant. CATS – strips both leading and trailing blanks, and does not insert separators. iii. CATX – strips both leading and trailing blanks, and inserts separators. The first argument to CATX specifies the separator. 7. SAS SUBSTR Function. SAS String Functions – SUBSTR Function. This tutorial covers most frequently used SAS character functions with examples. It's a little bit tricky to deal character strings as compared to numeric values. Hence, it is required to know the practical usage of character functions. 1. COMPBL Function It compresses multiple blanks to a single blank.

Shorter strings are padded with trailing blanks. Vectorized approach to trim blanks. Although the SAS/IML language and the SAS DATA step language are similar, string concatenation in SAS/IML has some complexities that are not present in the DATA step. In the DATA step, you can use the TRIM function or the STRIP function to get rid of blanks. Library. Before you embark down that fruitless path, review the SAS online documentation to see what functions are already available for you. A few more of my favorite and more obscure functions include: • TRIMN removes trailing blanks – returns null for values that are all blank. The CATX function removes leading and trailing blanks and inserts a separator between the variable values being concatenated. The CAT S function only removes leading and trailing blanks. This function is handy for building meaningful character variables from two or more variables—like building a full name from first name, middle name, and last name. Suppose you want to delete empty rows from a dataset in SAS. It generally happens when we import data from external sources such as excel / csv files. It loads additional rows that are totally blank. SAS- offers news and tutorials about the various SAS® software packages, contributed by bloggers. You are welcome to subscribe to e-mail updates, or add your SAS-blog to the site.

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