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Watch Super Metroid channels streaming live on Twitch. Sign up or login to join the community and follow your favorite Super Metroid streamers! Record Progression. From A complete guide to Super Metroid speedrunning. Jump to: navigation, search. This page is meant to be a list of all record times for main page categories. Progression of categories before 2013 is difficult to figure out from public information, so. Super Metroid is an action-adventure game developed and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994. It is the third installment in the Metroid series, following the events of the Game Boy game Metroid II: Return of Samus 1991.

The series continued with Metroid Prime. Speed Runs. The Speed Demos Archive hosts Super Metroid competition. The current proven World Record for a complete-game Single-Segment SM speedrun is 32 minutes, achieved by Satoru 'Hotarubi' Suzuki on August 9th, 2006. 'Red Scarlet' holds the 100% record at 55 minutes set on June 4th, 2004. Strats go here! 14% Ice is one of the thirteen in-bounds low% categories that are currently humanly possible. A total of 14 items are picked up during the entire run and focuses on. 15/07/2018 · Super Metroid Metroid series. 1994. SNES, WiiVC, WiiUVC, New3DSVC, Switch, SNESClassic. Leaderboard Category Extensions Guides Discord Website / Wiki Streams Resources Forum Statistics ROM Hacks. Moderated by. Leaderboard Category Extensions Guides Discord Streams Resources Forum Statistics ROM Hacks Moderated by: Mr_Shasta Mr_Shasta, corey042 corey042, Yogidamonk Yogidamonk, Dragondarch Dragondarch, doublegearsys doublegearsys, Mazimov Mazimov, metroidmcfly metroidmcfly, AceEbb AceEbb, R e t r o g a m i n g 2 0 8 4 R e t r o g a m i n g 2 0 8 4. Super Metroid Speedrunning Wiki. Welcome to the one-stop place to learn all about Super Metroid speedrunning. Whether you're just starting out, or have been playing Super Metroid since 1994, there's always something new to learn. All race functions will take place on SpeedRunsLive.

My first time recording a super metroid any% run, glad I also got a PB. 2016-02-07 681 Zelkys 1:15:12 5th run completedDeathless so that's cool:D,this game is cool, sub 1:10 and sub 1 soon 2015-06-28. 06/03/2017 · I liked LttP, I mean it feels like the greatest game to ever speed run, but yeah, Super Metroid, impressive. But yeah with Link, you had that fast run boots, and having all the timings perfect, and holding a certain direction for easy chopping, it is crazy seeing speed runs of it.

  1. Advertisement Log in to hide Metroid series Games Streams Forum. Moderated by: Mr_Shasta Mr_Shasta, m o b i u s m a n m o b i u s m a n, S k u l l 6 4 S k u l l 6 4.
  2. 13/01/2019 · Super Metroid returned to AGDQ after a layoff last January it was run at Summer Games Done Quick 2018, however; it had been a part of every AGDQ and all but the 2011 SGDQ before. Zoast is a former world record holder — holding it most recently from Feb 4 until losing it to incumbent Behemoth87 on Sept. 2, 2018.

A complete super metroid walkthrough, giving the most efficient way to get all missiles and items. It also includes a map, special techniques, item locations, and more! Super Metroid é uma das maiores maratonas do SNES, daqueles jogos longos que o povo se descabelava pra terminar após longas horas da estranha química sofrênciadiversão. Raramente alguém chegava lá com menos de uma hora e meia de partida, e daí pra mais. 20/01/2018 · Super Metroid: Project Base is a hack for the original game that adds some new missile packs to collect, reroutes the map a bit, and most importantly: plays even faster thanks to tighter controls. StuntCoyote knows Project Base like the back of his hand. Probably better, in fact. He’s been.

I wouldn't say tas-only improvements. There are always small time saves everywhere in Super Metroid. Although the first half of the current WR is completely insane, there is still a decent amount of time to save in the second half of the run. 17/11/2017 · All the Best Black Friday Deals You Won't Want to Miss This Week. Metroid IRC Community. Want to chat with Metroid fans just like you? Please consider joining the "Official Unofficial" Metroid chat channel created under the collaborative effort of Metroid fansites like Shinesparkers, Metroid Database, Metroid Headquarters, and Wikitroid! All you have to do is click here! Record of Samus レコード・オブ・サムス is the name of the theme that plays on the Mission Final screen in Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Metroid Prime Hunters, Metroid Prime Pinball, and Metroid: Samus Returns. It is.

Stream Super Metroid by MASTER BOOT RECORD from desktop or your mobile device. hilariously bad cover art, but an excellent release. either the Game Boy and Famicom versions of Metroid 2 and Metroid respectively are recorded from hardware or are emulated exceptionally well, as the errors present in a lot of rips of those soundtracks are not present here. sound quality overall is good. wish these guys would drop the.

For Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What's the record for a 100% glitchless run?". SNES Super Metroid JPN/USA "game end glitch" in 06:42.54 by Sniq. In particular, starting at $400 we have [x y ? ?] for one sprite, followed by a similar 4-byte record for another one. Since the positions are screen-relative, we can basically freely choose the first two bytes. The other main reason is that Biospark is capable of getting a 0:45, but it will almost definitely take him a VERY LONG TIME, particularly because there are many periods of time that he can't record. A 0:45 is basically the ideal run of Metroid Fusion Any% with the current knowledge and strategies. The current record holder of the first game in the Super Mario series, Super Mario Bros., is speedrunner tavenwebb2002, who beat the game in 4 minutes, 55 seconds, and 746 milliseconds on August 2, 2019. This was done by using many frame-perfect tricks and in-game warps.

16/12/2014 · Speedrunning is often best known of the amazing records it produces. The practice that goes into producing those moments can be grueling though, like when you’re trying to set a new personal record in Super Metroid only to get stuck on an elevator. 100% speed run of Super Metroid, completed on February 24 2004. Was the world record until June 3 2004. Author's comments: Hey, first off: light-hearted. Not all runs up on SDA are world records by the way Outside of Deer Tier, I don't believe there is anything else for Super Metroid. There used to be a global Metroid leaderboard but I cannot find it. You might be able to find a link by asking some current Metroid runners. Just trying searching Twitch. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you. Any% is the most popular category for Super Metroid. As indicated above, this category involves defeating all major bosses as fast as possible without the use of out of bounds, the Golden Torizo code, or the Space Time Beam. All any% runs should start by using a 0:00 file that has skipped the intro. Super Metroid is the third entry in the series, and considered by many to be the pinnacle. The game features impressive 16-bit graphics, a moody soundtrack perfect for the isolated feeling of Planet Zebes, and plenty of hours of gameplay to be found as you explored deeper and deeper into the planet, unlocking the mysteries within as you search.

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